Our Story.

Our Nine Values are behind everything we do.

Working as a team, they help to guide us in all projects we develop together.

Tell your story better.

We are Graphic and Web Design Studio in Hawke's Bay.

We can help to communicate your message better with Good Design.

Chris McLean


Janya McLean

Customer Care

Melissa Holyoake

Creative Studio Manager

Liv Strawbridge

Web Designer & Developer

Eden Clarkson

Graphic & Web Designer

Alexandra Dawson

Graphic Designer

Our Nine Values

When combined, these values help us tell your story better.


Find the meaning

What's the core message, the essence, the driving force?


Be transparent

Be straight up, set expectations, don't beat around the bush.


Keep it simple

Remove the unnecessary, the clutter, let the message show.


Be engaged

Collaborate and engage both internally and externally.


Focus on the user

Who are the users and how will they use it?


Know your stuff

Keep developing, keep learning your profession.


Stay open-minded

When things get tough and uncomfortable, stay open.


Be forward-thinking

Is there a new or a better way to do what we are doing?


Tell the story

Communicate the message better through good design.

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