Unison Vineyard

The family-owned winery Unison Vineyard were looking for a new brand identity which was clean and modern, while incorporating a traditional, hand-made feel.

A brand that tells a story.

The idea behind the final result is a logo which succinctly conveys the story behind Unison Vineyard, it represents the important concepts which are a part of the Unison philosophy: the traditional, handmade methods used to make the wines, the location of the Gimblett gravels and love that goes into each and every bottle.

Beyond the logo, we developed a brand identity which extended to printed collateral (including business cards and DL cards), label artwork, packaging designs and a website. The website in particular was a major part of this project as it serves as a virtual cellar door, allowing customers to browse the range of wines on offer and make online orders. You can have a look at the website here: